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Fretboard Tinkering 9/21/16

While box positions are certainly easily accessible and convenient, I’ve noticed that spending too much time in boxland can be overkill, as well as stifle improvisation creativity. So, I’m focusing more on playing scales (minor pent) from root to root in various positions across the neck.

While doing this it soon becomes very clear how one might transition quite easily from  minor pentatonic to major pentatonic, simply be recognizing where the scale lives in relation to the root.

Current routine as of the moment:

  • Dexterity warm-up exercises
  • Finding all of the same notes across fretboard (octave exercises)
  • Play box positions up and down fretboard
  • Picking and dexterity exercises within boxes
  • Play scale starting and ending on root from various positions in different keys

Moving forward, the immediate goal would look something like:

  • Transition from root-to-root to 3rd-to-3rd and 5th-to-5th (pentatonic minor)
  • Being able to identify root, 3rd, and 5th across fretboard and their relevant minor pent scales
  • Learn major pent around roots as with minor, and recognize their relative positions
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