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Pentatonic Minor Scale Exercises

I’ve fallen into the routine of doing this exercise for Pent Min scale:

  • Pick a key (random).
  • Play every root across neck (octaves).
  • Pick a root somewhere, and play a linear sequence root-to-root, placing emphasis on the tonic.
  • Repeat this if the position allows for more than one run within the box (i.e. A shape; Position 1).
  • Then play the scale position, while identifying which positions share a particular tonic.
  • Picking/dexterity exercise in the same position.
  • Move onto next root and repeat across entire neck.
  • Repeat entire process for other keys at random.

In the very near future:

  • Disregard box shapes entirely and just proceed with root-to-root sequences along the neck.
  • Play scale along limited strings (i.e. only 6&5 or 3&1 etc.).
  • Figure out an exercise to memorizing all notes on fretboard.
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